Exodus is a crypto currency which will be worldwide accepted like Bitcoin, which is going to be used widely for tour packages and education system. Our target is to reach price $50 in a year... So make a wise decision and invest into it, in ICO(initial investment offer) we are introducing exodus coin in only rupees 5₹ From 17th November in c-cex. And in few days it will be run in 180 countries, on C-cex exchange with the price of $1 means 70 rupees..when ICO will over, so divert your money in most secure digital currency now.

So 4 million Exodus coins have been provisions for the ICO at BTC of 0.00010350 BItcoin. The Dev wants to create a healthy Exodus coin infrastructure made up of investors, miners and community friends so wants to distribute EXODUS COIN in a variety of ways. This is healthy for altcoins to be well distributed before going onto the exchanges.

ICO is availabel exclusively only at https://c-cex.com

ICO End Date is 12, February 2017